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Plains Indian and Mountain Man Arts and Crafts: An Illustrated Guide by Charles W. Overstreet

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Price: $13.95
Item Number: 8094360441
This handbook is an exciting exploration of the arts, crafts and other accoutrements made and used by the Plains Indians and Mountain Men in the early 1800's. Employing traditional and modern methods, this complete how-to manual features 45 projects ranging from rawhide to an Arapaho saddle. Using this book's easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations, re-creation of these historical items becomes a simple task. The hobbyist is provided with a good, varied selection of items that can be made relatively inexpensively. The author has carefully researched each project and provides interesting historical background on the use and significance of each piece.

The projects included are: Making Rawhide, Tanning Leather, Making Brain-Tanned Buckskin, Plains Indian Beadwork, Kiowa Antler-Handled Awl, Sea Shell Decorations, Hooves and Dew Claw Decorations, Antler Decorations, Tin Tinkles, Beaded Feathers, Mountain Man Ball Bag, Cheyenne War Club, Ute Bone-Handled Knife, Displaying a Beaver Pelt, Dream Catcher, Comanche Hoop Drum, Trapper's Possibles Bag, Ute Warrior's Coup Stick, Lakota Bone Necklace, Apache Prayer Stick, Crow Deer Skull Totem, Comanche Eagle Feather Fan, Ojos de Dios, Pawnee Ceremonial Shield, Mountain Man Powder Horn, Kiowa Antler Totem, Lakota Peace Pipe, Trapper's Knife Sheath, Crow Parfleche, Blackfoot Ceremonial Case, Ute Parfleche Knife Case, Personal Totem, Commanche Buffalo Lance, Minniconjou Dance Rattle, Pawnee Antler Handle Knife, Mountain Man Rifle Case, Oklahoma Plains Indian Flute, Horn Hat Rack, Apache Cloth Dye, Indian Games (Wheel and Stick Game, Hand Game), Lakota Bear Amulet, Pistol Holster, Cheyenne Cow Skull Totem, Crow Pipe-Bone Breastplate, Lakota War Bonnet, Household Items (Horn Cup and Spoon, Gourd Cup), Cheyenne Medicine Arrows and Arapaho Saddle. There is also an excellent Reference section.

A truly wonderful book for those interested in the history of the Plains frontier and for those whose talents lead them to make things with their hands. A must for Scouts, Mountain Men and Indian Hobbyists.

Eagle's View Publishing, 1995.
Paperback, 160 pages.

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