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Buckle - Sterling Silver "Extinct, Threatened & Endangered" Buckle by George "Shukata" Willis (Choctaw) SOLD

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Price: $450.00
SOLD - Please call us for more information
Item Number: GSWBU001
This beautiful sterling silver belt buckle by Choctaw artist George "Shukata" Willis is made using the lost wax technique. It is a unique piece entitled "Extinct, Threatened & Endangered" which shows a variety of animals within a silhouette of a Native American.

George has depicted the Buffalo (Bison) representing the major source of food for many Native Americans; the respected Diamond Back Rattlesnake of which the diamond shape design was often used in clothing and accesories; the Ivory Bill Woodpecker which was hunted into extinction by 1910 for its ivory beak and feet (and which George first learned about in 1955 within a museum exhibit); the Scissortail Flycatcher representative of a mythical bird and messenger (this bird is known through legends to have made bird calls of warning when enemy was approaching; the Choctaw newspaper is 'The Bishnick' which translates to mean the messenger); the Oppossum which is what 'Shukata' (George's Choctaw name) translates to and is also reflective of George being nocturnal and that he does not like to get up in the morning (!); the Turtle that has 13 panels on their backs representing the 13 moons; the feather sits atop the head of an Indian which you can see as a reverse silouhette in the center of the animals.

George draws from his Native heritage and his experience as a jeweler since 1964, and is always looking for new stones to incorporate into his distinctive pieces. He has won many awards for his highly innovative work, including the title of 2000 "Artist of the Year" for the Indian Arts & Crafts Association. For more information on George Willis, click here.

Length 2 Width 2", Max strap size 1.75"

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