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Iroquois Crafts by Carrie A. Lyford - SOLD OUT please locate an alternative source

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Before the intrusion of the White Man, the people of the five tribes or nations (later, six) which comprised the League of the Iroquois controlled much of the lands in the vicinity of Lake Ontario. Sometime in the sixteenth century, the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas founded a lasting confederation which later became an example for the federal Constitution and which persists to the present day. In 1722, the five were joined by the Tuscaroras from the south and became then known as the Six Nations. Most of the Iroquoian people today live on tribal reservations in New York state and Ontario except for a band of Oneidas who reside in Wisconsin.

Although each tribe or nation retained its own identity in the confederation and developed its own unique designs and styles of ornamentation, there were nonetheless, artifacts and methods of manufacture and use which were universal throughout the area. In this 1945 publication, Carrie A. Lyford has compiled an interesting and useful collection of the material culture of the League and descriptions of how they were made and used in everyday life. Included in this book are chapters on Habitat, Foods, Clothing, Cermonies, Games, Crafts, and Decorative Arts.

Many photographs illustrate authentic Iroquoian artifacts identified by tribal origin which are discussed in the text. A comprehensive bibliography is appended. Especially of interest to Indians and non-Indians alike are the excellent line drawings of ancient and modern designs which will be a stimulation for adaptation in original or new media by contemporary craftsmen.

R. Schneider, Publishers, 1982 reprinting of "Iroquois Crafts", 1945 edition.
98 pages, 69 illustrations and 19 plates each of which contains several individual designs.

* Please Note: The cover is a bit worn.

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