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Cherokee - Buffalo Lidded Casserole Dish by Mel Cornshucker (Cherokee/Keetoowah) SOLD

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Price: $145.00
SOLD - Please call us for more information
Item Number: MCP08

This wheel thrown lidded casserole dish with handles has buffalo running painted on it and is handmade by Cherokee/Keetowah artist Mel Cornshucker.  This piece is functional and decorative and can be used to serve and cook food in and should be hand washed. 

Mel Cornshucker is a contemporary potter who creates wheel thrown high-fired pottery. Mel is an expert with clay and creates stoneware, porcelain and raku clay forms as well as sculpture. His pottery is unique and beautiful as both a stand-alone art form, as well as for its functional everyday use.

Born near Jay, Oklahoma, Mel grew up and went to school in Kansas City, Missouri, spending his weekends and summers in northeastern Oklahoma. While in Oklahoma, Mel spent quality time outdoors with his family and developed a deep appreciation for nature.  It was in the late 1970’s after taking an art class that Mel became interested in working with clay. He followed his passion and began focusing on clay through apprenticing and working for pottery production houses and later setting up his own studio.

Today, Mel has become nationally recognized for his decorated functional pottery that draws from his Cherokee heritage and respect for nature. He has exhibited at numerous juried art shows and has participated in artist demonstrations and museum programs across the country.

Mel has developed many signature designs, some of which have been pulled from his Cherokee heritage and others from his connection and appreciation to the earth and wildlife. His signature dragonfly motif is a popular design that brings fond memories to Mel of his early days fishing with his grandfather.  On those outings, his grandfather would tell stories as they fished and Mel would listen and watch the dragonflies fly around and land upon the water and river grasses. Other design motifs include horses, buffalo, turtles, bears and grasses. The glazes used are combinations of matt and gloss finishes in colors of blues, forest green, yellow and natural.

It’s a treasure to have stoneware pottery made by Mel Cornshucker who combines practical use with beauty, nature and heritage in today’s contemporary world.

Height 5.5", Diameter 10"

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