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Bronze "Apache Humor", 4/20, by Phillip Haozous (Apache)

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Price: $8,200.00
Item Number: CX0042

Four singers sitting on a bench, holding their drums, are teasing two young traditional clowns in this sculpture by Philip Haozous that reflects an important part of Apache culture. "At our annual Apache gathering in Oklahoma, I observed a humorous interlude between the singers and a new clown.  It must have been the clown's first dance…", explains Phillip. 

This piece has been included in an exhibit organized by the Oklahoma History Museum in Oklahoma City in 2008 that was later shown at the Gilcrease Museum of the Americas in Tulsa.  According to their catalogue, "The older men sitting on the bench are the singers. The two clowns are Apache boys and are dressed according to custom. In the Apache Mountain Spirit dance, the mountain spirits represent stability and foundation, while the clown represents the unpredictable. A person must have strength and foundation to deal with the unpredictable in life, and therefore have balance."

As one of the sons of renowned sculptor Allan Houser, Phillip Haozous grew up surrounded by art, but took an indirect path to his own artistic career.  After serving in the Air Force where he specialized in developing radar systems, Phillip went on to work in theater and film, as a jeweler, and as the administrator and designer of his family's sculpture garden and studio.  When he began to experiment with sculpting, Phillip says that "Allan was very patient with me and was always there to offer words of encouragement.... He said that if I decided to take up sculpture as a profession, I could be very successful.  I still feel his support and hear his words of encouragement."  It wasn't until the late 1990s, after his father's death, that Phillip began to develop this talent.  Finding some left over clay in his father's studio, he worked with it until he created his first piece, Athanacious Embrace, in 1999.

Height 8 1/4", length 19", width 8 1/4"
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