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Bolo Tie - Turtle, Brass on Silver with Inlay of Crushed Minerals - Mitchell Zephier Designs (Lakota) SOLD

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Price: $225.00
SOLD - Please call us for more information
Item Number: MZB019

This turtle bolo tie by Mitchell Zephier, Sr. carries the design of the Medicine Wheel on its back. The Medicine Wheel represents balance between the physical and spiritual world with the circle, cross and four colors holding several meanings and representations. The red and black are inlaid crushed pipestone, the yellow is crushed sandstone, and the white is crushed mother of pearl. The bolo itself is made of brass on top of "'German silver", an alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc.

Each color in the Medicine Wheel has a direction associated with it.  East (Yellow) is the direction from which the sun comes.  South (White) or southern sky is when the sun is at its highest, so this direction stands for warmth and growing. West (Black) is where the sun sets, and signifies the end of life but also the source of water. North (Red) brings the cold, harsh winds of the winter season and represents the trials people must endure and the cleansing they must undergo. The circle represents the outer boundary of Earth and the crossing lines can represent man's path.

Mitchell Zephier, Sr. began making jewelry in the 1970's where he learned metalsmithing techniques from Frank Standing High, a high school art teacher and master traditional craftsman, and inlay techniques from a Zuni jeweler.Today, Mitchell works with his brother, Roger Herron (Lower Brule), who does the fine cutting and stamping, and Belle Star Boy (Rosebud Sioux). Together they create unique jewelry in sterling silver and brass that incorporates traditional Northern Plains designs.  Their jewelry is often inlaid with crushed materials such as sandstone, pipestone, alabaster, lapis or malachite mixed with epoxy as a holding agent.

2" X 1 3/4" 
40" Leather Bolo Cord (20" doubled)

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