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Santa Clara - Black on Black Pot by Madeline E. Naranjo (Santa Clara Pueblo) SOLD

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Price: $475.00
SOLD - Please call us for more information
Item Number: ATP0525

This beautiful Madeline E. Naranjo piece illustrates the mastery of an award winning potter whose family ancestry consists of a long line of well-known Santa Clara Pueblo potters. Hand coiled and stone polished to a fine sheen, the deeply incised repetitive motif of the bear carrying corn offers a peak into important symbols to this pueblo. A singular stalk of corn rises from the back of each of the four bears. To the Santa Clara Puebloans, the bear offers the path to water for those living in an arid land, while the corn symbol represents a pueblo staple for sustenance.

Contemporary American Indian pottery is the legacy of a tradition thousands of years old. To be considered a "traditional" piece of pottery the potter must dig the clay out of the ground and construct the pot entirely by hand without the use of a potter's wheel. Many traditional potters eschew the use of electric kilns for firing their work, instead using an outdoor pit fueled by wood and dung. Designs are either carved or scratched into the surface of a dried piece before it is fired. Designs can also be applied with a "slip", a thin mixture of water and clay. Different clays, ground minerals, or plant materials are used to make slips of different colors. Many Navajo potters coat their pieces with pine pitch, which gives them a lustrous finish. No glaze is ever used in traditional American Indian pottery. Pottery with a shiny finish has been polished by rubbing the surface of the piece with smooth stones. Often a single piece will incorporate several of these techniques.

Height: 3 1/2", Diameter: 3 5/8"