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Cherokee Miniature Tall Oval Double Weave Basket - Black, Orange & Natural - by Ramona Lossie (Cherokee) SOLD

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Price: $180.00
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Item Number: LOSB005B

This minature basket by Ramona Lossie is a wonderful example of a double weave basket.  It is made of rivercane, a bamboo-like plant that grows in wet, swampy areas along the banks of creeks in the Southeast.  It takes special skills to make this complex style of basket, which is actually one basket woven inside the other.  The weaver begins from the bottom of the inside basket, works to the top, then folds the splints over to begin weaving the outside layer from top to bottom.  The black pieces are dyed with butternut, while orange is obtained from bloodroot.

An award-winning master basketweaver, Ramona Lossie is now allowed to spell her last name as Lossiah, a change given when an artist becomes a master or an elder in their craft. Ramona, a sixth-generation Cherokee basketweaver, learned the craft from her mother and grandmother. Preserving the basketmaking heritage of the Cherokee Indians remains one of her enduring passions and she often gives workshops to teach aspiring basketmakers how to work with river cane, and split woods.

Length 1 7/8", width 1 3/8", height 1 3/8"


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