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Ahȍla Kachina by Henry Naha (Hopi) SOLD

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Price: $650.00
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Item Number: MCGK0250

The Ahȍla Kachina is also known as a Chief Kachina or one of the Germ Gods who represents growth and reproduction. For the different Hopi mesas, he represents other beings as well. In cottonwood, Hopi artist Henry Naha has captured the very essence of this being in his masterful carving. The Kachina lifts his face to the Sun in an offering of prayer for health, happiness, and longevity. He prays for abundance in crops for all. His head is crowned by hand carved eagle feathers; his mask has the beak of an eagle, with a striking geometric design in black and a deep turquoise. His plain white cape is designed to emulate a simple blanket stitch border in black. Below the cape, in back, red fox is suspended with its tail and back legs exposed. On his right wrist is carved a turquoise and coral bracelet while holding his staff with turkey feathers on each end. For his left arm, Naha carved a ketoh (bow guard) with a wide silver and turquoise piece over the dark leather band. In his left hand, he is carrying two ears of corn for the kiva. The woven red and black sash is at his waist over the striking kilt painted in the traditional design of white, red, black, and green. Below each knee is a tied band with suspended feathers. His turquoise colored moccasin boots have red and yellow designs to further enhance their appearance.

Central to the traditional religion of the Hopi people of the Northern Arizona are Kachinas. A Kachina (Katsinas) is a supernatural being relied upon to provide rain, fertility, health, and well being. While kachinas play a role in many of the Pueblo societies, the Hopi are most noted and prolific today in kachina doll carving. Each year in elaborate ceremonies, men of the Hopi villages dress and mask themselves for ritualized dances to represent and call on the different Kachinas. Kachina dolls are carved from cottonwood root and have long been used to instruct Hopi children in the ways of the traditional religious cycles, and to help them learn to identify the hundreds of different beings. The carvings convey the movement of the dancer, and the specific particulars of the mask, costume, and accessories. In addition to kachinas, Hopi artists also carve figures from Hopi mythology and folklore as well as other Pueblos dancers. To read more about arts of the Hopi, click here.

Height:9 3/8”, Width: 4 ¼”, Depth: 5 ½”

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